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risk management

risk management
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Digitization is of strategic importance for a business’ growth, and digital risks can have a big impact. Abibia helps tackling especially those.

Major consequences

Changes or other events in your business’ ecosystem can have major consequences, especially when not properly recognized and dealt with. This can cause reputational, operational, and financial damage.

Convenient and effective

With RiskStudio, Abibia provides up-to-date insight into the risks your organization faces based on actual observations. We help you to assess these, prioritize them and get to work with them. With RiskStudio you do your job easier, faster and more effectively.

Why Abibia

With our digital platform RiskStudio, we collect huge amounts of data which we then combine and structure. From this we present relevant information for your security and risk management.


Thanks to our pragmatic setup, you can start any time. Whether you work in a startup or a mature business, you can manage the system without any training or instruction. You can even start for free. Just go for it, and see what you can find!

Quick results

We are here to support you! We offer suggestions for you to complete your digital portfolio. You’ll have direct access to the risks your business is exposed to. So you can start dealing with them - faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

Reduce expenses

With RiskStudio, you'll save up to 80% on the total cost of risk management. We ensure that you collect and report the required data quickly and easily. With smart algorithms we turn data into relevant information.

risk management
From observation to active monitoring

8 reasons to incorporate
digital risk management

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of your competition with the newest digital service

Avoid surprises

Always have access to the latest insights, tackle issues immediately

Better margins

Grow your margins by reducing expenses

Increase valuation

Stay in control, and increase your business’ valuation

Better process management

Stay up-to-date and maintain control over your processes

Grow trust

A good reputation is something you must pay for, but you can never buy

Improve continuance

Mitigate risks and threats before they make an impact

Keep risks insurable

Reduce insurance premiums by reducing risks in your ecosystem

risk management

The world of
risk management
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About Abibia

Under the radar, we are developing a new business service that will be launched later this year: RiskStudio. Kicking off on the Dutch market, with the rest of the world to follow suit. We will disrupt the world of risk management, with a digital service driven by an innovative security platform, as well as a combination of large data quantities, artificial intelligence, and security knowledge.

The entrepreneur

Abibia was founded by Marcel Knippen. Entrepreneur with a proven track record: started security company Onsight Solutions in the late 90s. With over 200 employees sold to KPN in 2017. Currently active in several innovative IT start-ups and scale-ups, including Planviewer and Europechain.io.